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Walsall 0-2 Morecambe, 28.01.2020
The rocky road of revival for Torquay United, 15.01.2020
Torquay United 0-2 Yeovil Town, 01.01.2020

About Me

My name is Josh. I am originally from Devon but currently live in Derby whilst I study Specialist Sports Journalism at the University of Derby. My expertise includes football, ice hockey and all forms of motor sport.

I have had experience working in the industry, as I spent six months doing work experience in the Mid-Devon Advertiser newsroom while I completed my A-levels. As well as making some friends-for-life, I gained invaluable experience of being part of the weekly news process and contributed to the writing of many different parts of the paper.

Sport, particularly football, has always been a major part of my life and family time. Following in my father’s footsteps, I support Torquay United through thick and thin, although it has mostly been thick over the last 15 years.